Pioneering micro molding since 1985

Accumold has been pioneering the art and science of micro molding since 1985 and is acknowledged as the world leader in manufacturing extraordinarily small plastic parts with micro features from 5 cm to less than 1 mm, at micron-level precision.

The company’s expertise and development of innovative micro technologies places them as the best-in-class supplier of miniature plastic parts, usually at high volumes.

Accumold is constantly adding to its technology portfolio to ensure the optimal manufacture of micro plastic parts and components, and has been assessing additive manufacturing (AM) solutions for many years. Until recently, no AM technology could achieve the tolerances, accuracy, and repeatability necessary for micro plastic part production.

Today, the company has invested in the world’s first truly precise and commercially viable micro AM technology called the Fabrica 2.0 from Nano Dimension.

This will add another technology solution for our customers as we focus on the optimization of your product development process.

Micro Additive Manufacturing

Accumold has been an expert in micro molding for more than three decades—and many of our professionals are with us their entire careers. We continue to add to our knowledge base with the brightest, most skilled technicians in the business. We have a long-standing relationship with Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), which offers one of the finest educational and apprenticeship programs for toolmakers in the United States. Countless DMACC graduates bring their talents directly to Accumold.